We are Irmelind and Kerry.

Two almost 50 year old’s that have been where you are, feeling ugly, fat, unhappy with ourselves, not believing that we have what it takes. Loosing weight, feeling better, picking it up again and the cycle continues. We understand, we know the feeling and that is why we have created this platform.

We have been in the beauty industry for almost 30 years, tried many a diet or program, we have faced those demons of self-doubt and that curse that we as women carry with us. Being mothers, wifes and entrepeneurs, but never really feeling worthy. But this is all about to change.

We teach women of all shapes and sizes, the steps for building a self-confident, happy and transformed life and body, by taking a few small daily actions to think, eat, move, and sleep better while becoming the amazing woman you were meant to be. Become a healthier version of yourself.
Take that personal journey to self-love and acceptance. Don’t wait any longer.

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